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Dental Implants in Naperville

Besides the introduction of fluoride in modern society, placement of dental implants are the second most beneficial procedure to improve the dental condition. Most people don't realize that dental implants have been in use since 1937! Research has advanced a great deal since then, and you're the beneficiary! Whether you're missing one or all of your teeth, dental implants can restore what you've lost. The benefits of implants are:
  • No adjacent teeth need to be shaped to replace a missing tooth
  • They will never decay!
  • They feel like a natural tooth, and you can floss in between them easily
  • Billions of dollars and years of research and development has made them highly successful
Dental Implant Uses:
Single Tooth Implant
Single tooth replacement
When the tooth is lost, a single implant is placed into the site of the missing root and a new crown is secured to the implant...
Multiple Tooth Implant
Multiple tooth replacement
When more than one tooth is lost, 2 or more implants are placed into the area and a permanent bridge is fixed to the implants...
Full Tooth Implant
Support for a secure snap-on denture fit
If all of your teeth are lost, traditional dentures don't always satisfy. They can be loose fitting or uncomfortable. With the use of multiple dental implants to secure the denture, you can chew all those things you thought you'd never be able to enjoy again...
For further information on dental implants please contact us at Pope Family Dental.

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